I’ve had an off/on relationship with Vim for the past many years.

Before, I never felt like we understood each other properly. I felt that the kind of programming I’m doing is not easily done without plugins and some essential settings in .vimrc, but fiddling with all the knobs and installing all the plugins that I thought I needed was a process that in the end stretched out from few hours to weeks, months even; and it the end it just caused frustration instead of making me a happier coder.

Recently, I decided to give Vim another shot. This time around it was different – something in my brain switched and now for the first time in my life I’m proud of my knowledge of Vim. My philosophy of it has changed to ”less is more”, my approach was more disciplined and my motivation stronger. And so you don’t spend as much time learning as I did, I am going to lay down some fundamentals.

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